Take Cost Cutting Actions

profit by making small improvements in expenses.

Sometimes, doing more work isn’t the answer. Your goal should be to pay the right price for prosperity..........


You can maintain even reduce current sales volume while increasing your profit……. by making small improvements in expenses. You can achieve greater profits through more efficient use of the expense dollar.

It’s always good to reassess the bottom line. But especially when costs are rising and the economy remains almost stagnant, you need to take a good look at where you can cut expenses.

Many business owners immediately cut back on advertising and marketing, which is often a large expense. But experts rule against cutting down in this area because you will need to maintain that lifeline, especially at a time when times are tough.

A few simple changes in how you run your business can save you thousands of dollars a year and allow you to remain competitive in tough economic times.


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Boost Your "Profits Today" with Volume Purchasing Power

galaxyIt's anything but business as usual for today's Contractor's


It's increasingly difficult to manage costs and sustain a healthy net profit. But, there is a solution CurrentContractor's Premier Buying Group, " Profit Today "

"Profit Today" is the premier, membership-only organization, for CurrentContractor clientele.


Presently, we have approximately one thousand (1000) members with retail outlets and annual sales volume of over 1.5 billion wholesale and 5 billion retail.


By uniting and flexing our buying muscle as a group we're able to obtain low-margin pricing from preferred vendors and manufacturers allowing our members to pay less for services and supplies under our pre-negotiated contracts just like the corporate giant's.


"Profit Today" Premier Buying Group helps level the playing field for Members by letting smaller companies be more competitive and buy like the largest corporations. Through relationships with our Premier Supplier Network, we offer special incentives and pricing on products and services that our Members use every day ranging from office supplies, accounting, collections, marketing, equipment, vehicles, insurance and so much more.


Our mission is to help our Members be more Profitable Today, receive better Customer Service from their Suppliers and network with other Members in their community to share knowledge and increase business opportunities.

Our buying power and ability to negotiate for the very best terms, prices and services with all types of vendors enables our Member's to beat their competitors. This makes it possible for our Member to give their customers the best products, service and guarantees other contractor's just can't match.

All of our services are"Satisfaction Guaranteed"


Join now and share in the excitement of "PROFIT TODAY" 937-377-2030.


Registration online coming soon!


Coming Soon Current Codes

The Ohio Board of Building Standards has set the effective date for the code updates to the Ohio Building Code, Ohio Mechanical Code and the Ohio Plumbing Code to incorporate the updates included in the 2009 International Building, Mechanical and Plumbing codes. The Effective date is November 1, 2011


We will also be providing access to codes from 24 States nationwide.



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